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GRETCHEN, MARJORIE pinagtutulungan si CLAUDINE, nagbangayan sa TWITTER

Abril 15, 2013

marjorie barrettoGalit na galit daw sa pang-ookray kay Julia Barretto

There seems to be another round of war of the roses between the Barretto sisters.

Tama ba ang lumabas sa isang website about the newly-revived bangayan of the famous showbiz sisters.

Actually, it’s a two-against-one fight – Gretchen and Marjorie against Claudine. Lumalabas na pinagtutulungan nina La Greta at Marjorie ang bunso nilang sister na si Claudine.

Although na-delete na sa Twitter ang bangayan ng mag-sisters ay meron pa ring lumabas sa dalawang website which we’re able to capture.

Tweet ni Gretchen, “@b*tchjuliaisb*tch Yuck? You know what yuck is? Your husband walked out coz of you violent ways.

What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? Etc. oh pls reflect and go to your happy place..Medical City.

“@ella*** that basher warned us that if Julia enters star magic she will do everything to ruin Julia because she claims she is the teleserye princess & will remain that way till the end of eternity.”

Apparently, sumagot naman si Marjorie sa tweet ng isang @joyortega at sinabing, “Exactly Joy, her demons are coming out again….This time for all the world to see. @b*tchjuliaisb*tch.”

Muling nag-tweet naman si La Greta at sinabing, “@marjb and don’t we all know who the demon is I pray she finds her happy place.

I feel sosorry for her for she is all alone because of her evil ways.”

Hindi na nakatiis ang Twitter account owner na si b*tchjuliaisb*tch at nag-one-liner ng “ang aarte”.

Ang paniwala diumano nina Marjorie at Gretchen ay ang younger sister nilang si Claudine ang  may-ari ng b*tchjuliaisb*tch Twitter account.

In the end, nagtaray na rin nang husto itong si Gretchen and tweeted, “@b*tchjuliaisb*tch awwww you find it arte coz you are not a part of our affairs simply because of your evil ways. (you can never be happy for anyone of us) how can you desperately try to ruin your own blood…

Sorry but there is no stopping Julia for shining bright like a diamond.”

Si Claudine nga kaya ang sinasabing may-ari ng b*tchjuliaisb*tch account?

O baka naman may gumagamit lang sa name ni Claudine  para sirain muli ang relasyon ng magkakapatid?

Ano naman kaya ang masasabi ng magkakapatid sa latest issue sa kanila?

May we hear from them? (Editor’s note: Bukas ang pahinang ito para sa paliwanag  nina Gretchen, Claudine at Marjorie sa ngalan ng balanseng pamamahayag.)

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