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EX-PBB housemate idedemanda ni RR ENRIQUEZ, ayaw magbayad ng utang na umabot ng milyones

Marso 12, 2013

rr enriquezNais bigyan ng babala ang tulad niyang maawain sa kaibigan

Tila nagbabanta si RR Enriquez na idedemanda ang ex-PBB housemate na meron daw utang sa kanya na umaabot ng milyon.

Sa kanyang Instagram account ay ikinuwento niya ang nangyari with matching photos pa.

Nabasa namin sa isang website ang mahabang litanya ni RR tungkol sa hindi pagbabayad sa kanya ang ex-PBB housemate na may malaki diumanong pagkakautang sa kanya.

“Im posting this picture (note: picture is below, from RR Enriquez Instagram) to give warning to everyone not to be super stupid just like what i did!” sabi ni RR na lumabas sa isang website.

“Last year i sold all of these for installment (meaning they will pay it monthly) i sold my rolex for 380 thousand, my diamond necklace and earings for 650 thousand and my chanel bag for 60 thousand total of (1,090,000) 1 million ninety thousand pesos! I sold this in one person.

(FYI) To the person who borrowed 2million pesos CASH for me FYI again this person is (Ex-PBB Housemate)So total she gets 3million pesos!” litanya ng sexy actress and TV host.

“I am so stupid to trust this person knowing that she still owes 2million pesos for me,” say pa niya before explaining kung bakit naging mapagbigay pa siya sa ex-housemate ni Kuya.

“My reason is i want to give her a chance coz she promise that she’ll make it up to me (she’s just having a money problem)

In all fairness after i told her that i will sue her she made an effort to pay me! from 2 million she owe me 1 million pesos na lang!

Since i want to help her i ask her to sell my stuff coz if she will sell my pair of diamond necklace and earings i will give her commission worth 50 thousand, rolex 20 thousand and for the bag 10 thousand so she’ll get total of 80 thousand pesos just to sell my stuff (Not bad huh?!),” she said.

Naging maganda naman ang mga unang negosasyon niya sa housemate na ito kaya lang kalaunan ay remiss na naman sa pagbabayad ang hitad.

“In two months she pay me well but after two months all of a sudden the checks bounce same problem again??

See how how stupid i am to trust someone giving them a chance and help them??!!!

In good faith i know i didn’t fool someone! Im just trying to help but look what happened to me??

Stupid me right?

Anyways here’s the lesson do not trust someone nowadays specially when it comes to money!!

God Bless Everyone,” RR said.

Now, RR is determined to bring this matter to court.

Naku, malaking kahihiyan kapag na-publish ang name ng ex-PBB housemate.

Sino kaya siya?

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