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MARIO MAURER nalungkot nang hindi nasolo si CACAI

Marso 7, 2013

mariocacaiA CERTAIN Ariel who claims to be president of the Mario Maurer International (Fans’ Club) said that there is nothing romantic brewing between the Thai superstar ang comedienne Cacai Bautista.

“I want to clarify everything about Mario Maurer and Cacai Bautista.

The rumor between them is not TRUE.

I want to let you all know that Mario and Cacai are just “good friends,” diumano’y sabi niya sa isang Facebook account.

“And I got this latest interview of Mario from media entertainment in Thailand. He is single right now and he wants to FOCUS with his career only,” dagdag pa niya.

A lot of people are curious if Mario feels something romantic for Cacai. Some feel that it’s too good to be true.

Actually, many are inggit lang kay Cacai dahil sa dinami-dami nga naman ng magagandang babae ay tila sa kanya pa nahumaling si Mario who reportedly skip his event just to be with the comedienne.

If rumors are to be believed, super disappointed nga raw si Mario when he saw na maraming kasama si Cacai nang magkita sila.

All he was looking forward to was a moment with Cacai alone.

Rosette Paloma believes that the two are not yet an item, “Cacai also retweeted all the tweets about this, including Marco Maurer intl and mario maurer fan clubs.

Kung totoo po talagang sila then why should she do that? Filipinos should definitely stop the attitude of NANGUNGUNA.

Hindi naman kayo ang nakakaramdam, di ba? It really ruins the image of our country.

“I have a lot of Thai friends and trust me, A LOT.

I lived there for almost 2 months. i am also friends with his brother Marco’s DJ and they don’t know anything about this.

Mario is always appearing interviews there di ba?

“Hindi ganon kaimportante sa kanila ang ganitong issue pero bakit dito ke-totoo ke hinde, napakalaki?

Kung tutuusin sila ang mas unang makakaalam dahil bago ma-shot ang photos sa IG, malamang madaming makakakita sa kanila sa Thailand. Come on people.

Ang mga nakakita means that they trust Mario just to be as a really friendly guy para di gumawa ng issue such as this,” she said.

Marami naman ang natutuwa kung magdyowa na nga ang dalawa since may karapatan din naman daw na lumigaya ang isang katulad ni Cacai.

Parang ang haba-haba ng hair ni Cacai, ha!

Anyway, she refused to dwell on the issue publicly.

Ayaw niyang magbigay ng pahayag.

Ayaw niyang magpa-interview.

All she did so far was to issue a denial na hindi pa sila ni Mario.

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