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ANNE: Inaamin ko, hindi perfect ang family namin!

Pebrero 18, 2013

anne curtisWhen it comes to her family ay talagang Anne Curtis will pull all the strings just to please them.

We heard stories of Anne unselfishly sending her driver to fetch a family member from the airport.

At dahil wala siyang car at driver mula sa Its Showtime studio ay nagta-taxi ang hitad. Minsan naman, she would ride the MRT. Ganyan siya ka-cowboy.

Just recently, Anne personally fetched her dad and mom from the airport.

Super happy siya to see them together kahit na hiwalay na sila.

“Forgive my awkward face! It’s so rare that I get the chance to pick up BOTH my my mum & dad at the airport at the same time.

I admire that even though they are no longer together they have remained such good friends.

It’s funny because they still even have their misunderstandings but I guess because they know each other so well everything is settled in a matter of time.“For me, it shows me that once you love someone you always love them.

You may not be IN LOVE but whatever you shared will always have a SPECIAL place in your heart.

I’d like to call it a special kind of LOVE. We may not have the most perfect family in the whole wide world but it’s perfect for me and all our imperfections that is what makes my family UNIQUE.

“I love them so much! Just thought I’d share a little piece of myself.

I know there are several other kids out who get what I’m talking about..

Just so you know, I get you too,” she tweeted.

Super loving daughter si Anne, the reason why she is so blessed!

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