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Pati panty ni KAREL MARQUEZ pinakialaman ni DJ MO

Setyembre 2, 2012

Si Karel Marquez din pala ay naimbiyerna kay Mo Twister.

Karel was obviously offended by a caption on an Instagram photo in which the TV host said,  “Taking bets whether they know what team he plays for…oops, a bit of underwear showing there. Nice move.”

Sa photo ay nakitang may kasamang foreigner sina Bubbles Paraiso, Karel at isa pang babae.

Karel took offense at the seemingly malicious rant of Mo.

Nag-comment siya kay Mo but apparently the TV host deleted it, which prompted her to tweet, “He deleted MY comment but I saved it on my phone.

You know I know you in person and we have had brief talks before at work.

But I do not know now with the useless repost of MY instagram photo and useless comment really.. I ain’t perf but I have always been kind, but not so just today @djmotwister.”

She then asks, “Why delete MY only comment? Face me.”

She also clarified that what Mo saw in the photo was not her underwear, “Btw, what you thought you saw Gollum was part of my skirt. I wore ?? DEEP PURPLE ?? It can look like what you think but.. Kebs!!! ??”

Nag-react naman si Mo by saying, “@iamkarelmarquez I didn’t even read your comment because it was so long.

You can post it again though and I promise to read it this time.

To be honest though, I didn’t know that girl on the right was you.

It looks nothing like you.

And i didn’t say there groupie or anything, I just thought it was a pretty girl and a bad angle that the photographer shot.

Anyway, post your comment again.

Sorry I erased it, it was just taking up too much space.”

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